Desk Shields (10/Pack)

31" tall x 33" wide x 20" deep Desk Shields and Double Sided Tape

1 Pack Contains 10 Desk Shields / Includes Double Sided Tape

In stock

Desk Shields offer an immediate solution for safe, healthy workspaces. Sturdy, quick-install, personal workspace protection. These shields help your team feel secure, by reducing workspace exposure . Our Desk Shields, constructed with Coroplast®, are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than solid extruded plastic, waterproof, weather resistant and stain-resistant. Remo One® is double sided adhesive foam tape with our extremely aggressive permanent adhesive on one side and our removable adhesive on the other side. The removable side is identified with our red printed liner and removes cleanly from most hard, non-delaminating surfaces even after extended periods of time.

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